Policies and Procedures

Your Medical Information

Bank Street Medical Group aims to ensure the highest standard of medical care of our patients.  To do this we keep records about you, your health and the care we have provided or plan to provide to you.  Our Data Protection Privacy Notice provides details of the collection and use of personal information and you can find out more in the leaflet What is GDPR.

Freedom of Information

Information about the General Practitioners and the practice required for disclosure under this Act can be made available to the public. All requests for such information should be made to Angela Inglis, Practice Manager.

Social Media Policy

Our Social Media Policy detailed below explains our approach to the use of Facebook and other social media platforms.

Our Policy on Replying to Posts

The practice has become increasingly aware of the use of Facebook and other Social Media platforms by patients as a means of them expressing their views regarding Bank Street Medical Group.

Due to patient confidentiality, the practice is not in a position to respond to such ‘posts’ nor clarify what happened and the rationale for clinical decisions.  Once a ‘post’ has been put online, it is almost impossible to remove and defamation laws are equally applicable to Social Media.  Although we may not reply, we are frequently made aware of such ‘Posts’.

Never-the-less, we do genuinely welcome and encourage the views of patients to enable us to improve the service which we deliver; however all feedback to the practice should be made via the appropriate procedures.

Friend Requests

The clinicians sometimes receive ‘Friends’ requests online from patients.

Whilst ‘Friend requests’ are usually well-meant, the British Medical Association (BMA) advise that Clinician’s and staff should refuse ‘Friend requests’ from current or former patients of the Practice, so please do not be offended that your request is declined.

Zero Tolerance Policy

We operate a zero tolerance policy with regard to violence and all forms of abuse, bullying and  harassment; the practice has the right to remove violent patients from the list with immediate effect in order to safeguard practice staff, patients and other persons. Violence in this context includes actual or threatened physical violence or verbal abuse which leads to fear for a person’s safety. In this situation, we will notify the patient in writing of their removal from the list and record in the patient’s medical records the fact of the removal and the circumstances leading to it.

Comments and Complaints

We will make every effort to provide the best service possible to all our patients. We are aware, however, that things can go wrong or not as smoothly as we would like, which may result in you feeling that you have a genuine cause for complaint.

If you do have a complaint our aim is for this to be settled amicably and as quickly as possible by providing:

  • A clear explanation
  • An apology for any distress or inconvenience caused
  • Reassurance that steps will be taken to prevent the same thing happening again

The Practice has a Complaints Procedure which will guide you if you would like to make a complaint; if you are making this on behalf of someone else please also complete this form.

Practice information

Opening Times & Info

Monday to Friday 08:00 to 18:00

Weekend closed

Practice Contact:
Bank Street Medical Group
The Health Centre
Bank Street. Cupar, KY15 4JN
Telephone: 01334 651201
Email: Fife.f20413cuparbankstreet@nhs.scot

New Patient Register

To make things easier for you to register, download a Registration Form  and Questionnaire Form.  Complete these at your leisure, print them off and bring them into the practice. It is practice policy to ask for the completed forms to be accompanied by photographic ID and proof of your address. Click here for more information on the Registration process.

Nurse Clinics

Our Nursing team runs multiple clinics each week. Click here to find out more about the clinics we run dealing with Chronic Disease Management.

The practice has a dedicated Mental Health Triage Nurse working with the practice team  offering patient appointments on a Tuesday each week.

Latest Practice News

Opening doors to Fife’s communities

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